Thank you for four great years of nothing but bass!

We at Bass On The really appreciate you, our listeners to the world’s first bass centric radio station. Sadly we just couldn’t raise enough money to keep broadcasting for the rest of the year so we are temporarily shutting down our broadcast until we can raise enough money to keep the low end thumpin’! We will post on our website and Facebook page when we will have the funds to continue the broadcast. We are a real radio station that pays ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange royalties to the composers and artists. We are just not getting enough advertising revenue and donations to keep paying the bills. If by some chance we can get some more donations in the next few days then we will start the broadcast back up as soon as possible. If we don’t get anymore donations then we will stay shut down and your donations will be refunded back to you. We thank you again for tuning in and spreading the word! We gave it our best and hung in there for four years, and it was a blast! Thank you again and stay tuned………..anything is possible!