Bass Players, we are here for YOU! Send us your music!

Hey bass players, we are here for you! We can’t play you on the station if we don’t have your CD’s! So, if you want the global bass world to hear your music on BOTBB, then it’s up to you to get off your Bass and send in your tracks! Please mail hard copies of your CD’s to:

Bass On The Broadband

12450 Magnolia blvd. #3899

Valley Village, Ca. 91617

Thank you, we look forward to playing your music!………..BOTBB

Sonusphere loudspeaker systems to be introduced at Winter NAMM 2015

Sound Composites, a division of Moses, Inc. USA, introduces its latest product line, the Sonusphere live performance speakers this month.  The roll-out will be conducted at 2015 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California, January 22nd through 25th.  You are invited to stop by booth 5294, Hall B to check out these innovative speakers.
The Sonusphere’s unique design improves the amplified sound quality of acoustic and electric instruments and vocals. Their lightweight hemispherical shape incorporates the most advanced technologies to deliver ultra-wide dispersion with remarkably flat response.
The Sonusphere’s design virtually eliminates the sound-killing diffraction that is common in speaker ‘boxes’.  These speakers accurately reflect the well-established definitions of high quality natural sound.

The four flagship loudspeaker models for guitar, bass, and PA incorporate Eminence drivers with optional 300- or 700-watt Ice Power amplification.

Not since Moses Carbon Graphite introduced its uniquely engineered Moses Graphite electric and acoustic stringed instrument necks at Winter NAMM 1990, has Moses, Inc. rolled-out a similarly sound-changing set of products.

For more information on Sonusphere prior to the NAMM Show roll-our, contact us at or call (001) 541-484-6068.

158 of 196 countries in the world have tuned in!

Wow! We just realized that we have had people from about two thirds of all of the countries on planet earth tuning in and checking out BOTBB! Spread the word and help us get listeners from all 196! That goes to show you the global love for the bass………Damn right!

Send us your Holiday music!

Hey bass players, if you happen to have any Holiday music recorded and would like it played on the station, please send away to We will add it to the playlist ASAP! Thanks for listening to, the world’s first bass station!

It’s New Music Monday!

Yo BOTBB, it’s New Music Monday, so keep listening and check out some new bass players we guarantee that you have never heard before. It’s awesome to help give bass players a voice and an outlet for their music. That is a big reason why we are here fighting the good fight!