BOTBB Donation Update, Wednesday, July 27!

Please donate today to keep giving bass players the global broadcast outlet they deserve!

DONATION UPDATE Wednesday, July 27.
BOTBB! At this point we have raised $1,486.54. We appreciate that very much and thank you as it is awesome to see the donations come through. Sadly we are a couple thousand dollars short of what we need to keep broadcasting till the end of the year. So, unless we get a really amazing fundraising week for the last week of July we will be shutting down the broadcast on Sunday night, July 31 at 12:00 midnight pacific time until we can get enough funding to continue broadcasting the best in bass! As much as we hate to see that happen we have no choice. We will post an update on how things are going this week so keep your bass playing fingers crossed that we can raise enough money to keep the low end thumping!
Thank you all who have supported us and keep spreading the word. If we do have to shut the station down for awhile those who have donated your donations will be returned.
Thank you!………, the worlds first bass station!

Please donate today to keep giving bass players the global broadcast outlet they deserve!


  • Stuart

    I would really like for BOTBB to stay on the air. There are two things you could do that would help me come up with a contribution:

    – Post and keep updated a status on the funding goal. Right now it feels like there’s some vague but large amount of money needed and I have very little hope that you’ll make it. So, it’s hard to get motivated to contribute, when it seems like it will not do any good in the end.

    – Tell us what will happen to our donations if we contribute, you don’t reach the funding goal, and the station goes off the air anyway. I would feel comfortable contributing a much higher amount if I knew that I would get it back if the station goes off the air.

  • Roel Ritzema

    Maybe Brian can give an update about the donations. Today I still can listen…