Thank you for listening, we hope to be back on the air in 2017 and beyond!

Thank you again for listening and being a part of the world’s first bass station! It has been so rewarding to help give bassists from all over the world a broadcast outlet for their music. Our listening numbers go up every month as the word about BOTBB is spreading, but unfortunately, we are just not getting enough sponsors, advertisers, and revenue coming into the station to be able to continue our broadcast into 2017. We want to be able to pay our friends at Sound Exchange, BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC, as they collect the money that pays the song writers and publishers their royalties.

Please check back with us either here or on our Bass On The Broadband facebook page for updates, if we can raise enough funds to get the broadcast back on the air. Thank you again for listening to the world’s first bass station!

We Are Back On The Air Because Of You, Our Listeners!

Thank you, our listeners for your generosity and for helping us raise the money to keep broadcasting till December 31, and hopefully beyond! Please keep the donations coming and we will do our best to make BOTBB bigger and better then ever. Spread the word as we are back! We are, the world’s first bass station, and we couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you for four great years of nothing but bass!

We at Bass On The really appreciate you, our listeners to the world’s first bass centric radio station. Sadly we just couldn’t raise enough money to keep broadcasting for the rest of the year so we are temporarily shutting down our broadcast until we can raise enough money to keep the low end thumpin’! We will post on our website and Facebook page when we will have the funds to continue the broadcast. We are a real radio station that pays ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange royalties to the composers and artists. We are just not getting enough advertising revenue and donations to keep paying the bills. If by some chance we can get some more donations in the next few days then we will start the broadcast back up as soon as possible. If we don’t get anymore donations then we will stay shut down and your donations will be refunded back to you. We thank you again for tuning in and spreading the word! We gave it our best and hung in there for four years, and it was a blast! Thank you again and stay tuned………..anything is possible!

11th Hour Donation help to keep the low end thumpin’!

Hey BOTBB! First I want to personally thank all of you that have donated, quite humbling I must say. Thank you again for believing in what we are trying to do here. At this point we have raised $1,577.78 which is the net after Pay Pals commission. We needed to raise a minimum of $3,000 to keep us broadcasting till the end of the year. If we can raise as close as possible to the targeted goal then we will keep the broadcast on the air till the end of the year! Please help us get to our goal! We only have until midnight tonight, Sunday July 31 to raise the additional funds, so please spread the word! As promised your donations will be returned back to you if we shut the broadcast down. Thank you again for your support and for being a part of bass history. We are Bass On The, the world’s first bass station!

BOTBB Donation Update, Wednesday, July 27!

Please donate today to keep giving bass players the global broadcast outlet they deserve!

DONATION UPDATE Wednesday, July 27.
BOTBB! At this point we have raised $1,486.54. We appreciate that very much and thank you as it is awesome to see the donations come through. Sadly we are a couple thousand dollars short of what we need to keep broadcasting till the end of the year. So, unless we get a really amazing fundraising week for the last week of July we will be shutting down the broadcast on Sunday night, July 31 at 12:00 midnight pacific time until we can get enough funding to continue broadcasting the best in bass! As much as we hate to see that happen we have no choice. We will post an update on how things are going this week so keep your bass playing fingers crossed that we can raise enough money to keep the low end thumping!
Thank you all who have supported us and keep spreading the word. If we do have to shut the station down for awhile those who have donated your donations will be returned.
Thank you!………, the worlds first bass station!

Please donate today to keep giving bass players the global broadcast outlet they deserve!

Donate to help keep us on the air!

Hello fellow bass players and bass enthusiasts, this is Brian Bromberg, founder of Bass On The I can’t believe how fast time is flying by as we just started our fifth year as the worlds first and only 24/7 bass centric global radio station. Bass On The has been a real labor of love as there was nothing in bass world like it when we started up in 2012. It has truly been a pleasure to be able to expose so many great bassist from all over the world to our listeners, and give bassists a broadcast outlet to get their music heard worldwide. No other radio station on the planet has been able to expose so many bassists to so many bass enthusiasts. We now have listeners in over 174 countries, and our listening hours for the month of May will break the 14,000 listening hours for the month! It’s awesome that every month our global listenership grows because of listeners like you, and I want to thank you for listening.

For those of you who don’t know, outside of a few companies that have believed in us and helped support us over the past four years I have funded out of my own pocket. I want to personally thank these companies for supporting us over the past four years and for believing in our vision for using our global radio broadcast platform to reach the international bass community and their potential customers.
(in no particular order)
Carvin Guitars
MTD Basses
Moses Graphite
Eden Electronics
Tech 21
Pedulla Basses
The Los Angeles School Of Music
Lathan Bass Wear
Teach Me Bass Guitar
David Gage

They all played a big part in keeping us on the air and growing steadily. Unfortunately with the music licensing costs of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Sound Exchange, as well as the costs of streaming bandwidth, music scheduling, and many other normal business expenses I can’t keep funding BOTBB out of my pocket any longer. It literally costs many thousands of dollars a year to run the radio station and pay the music licensing fees. We were all hoping that the music industry and manufactures would play a bigger role in advertising their products to our global audience, but it never seemed to catch on and resonate with the bass industry like we all thought it would and should.

That leaves us two choices, either shut BOTBB down until we can find other funding, investment, or advertisers, or we at BOTBB ask you, our listeners for your help in donating money to help offset our expenses so we can stay on the air and keep broadcasting, hire great and well known bassists as on air DJ’s and hosts, have more unique and interesting radio shows etc…

We are NOT a non-profit 501c3 so your donation would not be tax deductible, but your donation will go directly towards keeping our broadcast on the air and to give bass players from around the world a global outlet for their music.

In over four years of broadcasting, we at BOTBB have not asked our listeners for anything other then to tune in and enjoy hearing all of the incredible bass talent this world has to offer, but now we need your help.

Starting June 1, we will be asking for donations until June 30. If we can’t raise enough money to cover our expenses for the rest of the year we will have no other choice but to shut the broadcast down at 11:59 pm, June 30, before the next music licensing and broadcast period which starts for the third quarter of the year July 1, at 12:00 am.

So please donate today to keep giving bass players the global broadcast outlet they deserve, only here at, the world’s first bass station!

174 Countries now and counting!

Officially 174 Countries on planet Earth have now tuned into, the world’s first bass station. Holy crap! Thanks for listening and spread the word to Bass World!

Product Profile: Tech 21 dUg Ultra Bass 1000


dUg Pinnick. Unmistakable in every way –that voice, the songwriting, his style, and, of course, the dUg tone. Since the formation of King’s X in the ‘80s, dUg has been one of the most influential players to garner attention for the then hardly used, 12-string bass. dUg also devised his own method of using guitar and bass amps together to merge high-end distortion with low-end bass. The combination resulted in a sound as subtle as a freight train, yet ironically musical
and sensitive. Just like dUg.
It is high time, and shamefully long overdue, to commemorate dUg Pinnick with his own Signature bass amp head. We are honored he chose Tech 21 to collaborate in the creation of the dUg Ultra Bass 1000.
The dUg Pinnick Signature Ultra Bass 1000 is a 2-channel, all-analog bass amp head. It was designed in collaboration with dUg to create a single amp capable of achieving the unique sound he developed by running a guitar amp and a bass amp together, plus using a handful of effects, to merge high-end distortion with low-end bass.
There is an unconventional structure to the channels. Rather than switching from one channel to the other, the intent is to use both channels mixed or Channel 2 by itself. Channel 1 handles the role of a distorted guitar amp and Channel 2 provides a clean pre-amp and compressor for a more conventional bass amp sound. Mixed together, you get dUg.
In addition to changing channels, the included Footswitch controls the MIX function, which simultaneously engages both channels. There is also a MUTE switch for silently tuning your instrument.
All of the controls and functionality of the dUg Ultra Bass 1000 reflect dUg’s personal, perhaps conceptually unusual, specifications. And that’s what makes it a dUg Pinnick Signature amp. Being long-time fans ourselves, it’s been an incredible experience working with dUg. We are over the moon to make this amp for him and extremely proud to now bring it to you.

2 channels
1000 Watts at 4 Ohms
SansAmp XLR Output delivers the true tone of the amp to the PA desk or studio board without compromising detail, warmth or responsiveness
Switchable XLR from -20dB to 0dB
10dB gain boost
Effects Loop
Triple-function footswitch; utilizes any standard 1/4” instrument or speaker cable
Independent buffered Tuner Output to provide a constant unaffected signal
Neutrik Speakon® outputs
Included Rackmount Kit
Measures 2 rackspaces: 17”w x 3.5”h x 10”d
Weight: 12 lbs.

Optional Speaker Cabinet
• 8 Ohms / 500 watts handling
• Cast-frame, custom designed speakers
• Rear vented
• Neutrik Speakon® and 1/4” connectors
• Measures 24”w x 24”h x 16”d
• Weight: 70lbs

©Tech 21 USA, Inc.