About Our Broadcast

Brian BrombergI just wanted to share with you how this works and why you hear some artists more than others.

Because our format is quite different than 99% of the radio stations on the planet, the artist and song selections on Bass on the Broadband come up quite differently. We are NOT a singles format radio station nor are we a top twenty countdown type of radio station. With that, we have many more songs from many fewer artists.

I don’t want to play only someone’s new single in power rotation etc… I want to go deep into their CD’s and play numerous tracks (since we can!) It’s truly about the music here at BOTBB.

We are a brand new radio station and are still building our playlist and catalog daily. But, until we have a bunch more artists and songs in our library, you will hear some artists more then others, specifically the artists with bigger catalogs and more tracks. An artist who has two CD’s with 16-22 tracks total cannot compare to someone like myself who has about twenty CD’s and hundreds of songs to pick from. The radio scheduling software works on simple math, the more songs in the music library from a specific artist will get played more often then an artist with fewer songs.

Speaking for myself, that can kinda pose some major programming problems considering that my hundreds of songs are in two different categories, acoustic bass and electric bass. I just wanted to tell you what was going on, and I didn’t want you to think that just because I created and developed bassonthebroadband.com that I intentionally played myself more often, I don’t! It is actually the computer who schedules the music. I usually go in and delete many of my songs because the computer can easily schedule my tunes way to often since there are so many! That’s what happens when you have been recording solo projects for nearly 30 years now!

The bottom line is that the more music we get submitted the better and more balanced our playlist will get, so submit away, whether they are your originals or established artists. We pay all broadcast royalties so we can play the music of all the recorded masters.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy bassonthebroadband.com, the worlds first bass station!

Brian Bromberg