About Bass On The Broadband

Bass On The Broadband.com is the world’s first internet radio station devoted to the acoustic and electric bass instrument and the bass players from all genre’s of music who play them. Bass On The Broadband was  created by world-renowned bassist Brian Bromberg. Brian is a Grammy nominated recording artist, songwriter, and producer and is also one of the most respected bassists in the world today. Here is a bit about what Brian’s mission and vision for Bass On The Broadband is and how he wants to see it help the global bass community.


Our Mission

Hello, this is Brian Bromberg, thank you for visiting www.bassonthebroadband.com. I would like to tell you why I created www.bassonthebroadband.com, the world’s first bass centric radio station.

I have been very fortunate in my career as I am one of only a few bassists that has crossed the commercial radio threshold. With all of the radio support that I have had in my career I have been rewarded with many top ten, top five, and even number one singles. That amount of radio airplay has had a huge impact on my career as a professional bassist and solo artist. I’m sure that amount of radio airplay has also greatly helped me in selling hundred’s of thousands of records and CD’s in my career. With all of the radical changes that have happened in the music industry, it has become harder and harder for musicians to get recording contracts and have their music played on commercial radio. For bass players it’s even more challenging due to the nature of the bass instrument. In fact, I bet for most bass players the odds of signing a “real” record deal and getting substantial radio airplay are slim to none in today’s music industry environment. Because of all of this, it got me thinking…

Out of curiosity, I did some research online to see if there were any radio stations that feature bass players. I found absolutely nothing. I was completely blown away at the lack of radio support for bass players in the 21st century. It was at that time that the name Bass On The Broadband just popped into my head and www.bassonthebroadband.com was born! I wanted to give other bass players the same experience and opportunity that I have had by hearing your own music played on the radio. I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and said that they can’t believe that no one has ever done this before, and they unanimously said it’s about time and what a great idea! I have to admit myself that I was also very surprised that this had not been done before as well!

Our radio broadcast has a unique blend of playing the legends and stars of the bass that we all know and love, combined with providing a radio broadcast outlet for all the bass players worldwide who record their own music and might not have the ability to get their music played on the radio. These bass players are going to be the stars and legends of tomorrow, and our mission is to provide a radio broadcast outlet and showcase for those countless bass players throughout the world who would normally not have that opportunity to have their music played on radio.

Another very unique feature about our radio broadcast is that it is NOT format exclusive. That means that bass players from all genres and styles like jazz, rock, fusion, classical, R & B, funk, rockability, bluegrass, and everything in between will get radio airplay on www.bassonthebroadband.com! We are about the bass instrument and the bassists who play them, not a specific music style or radio format.


Our Vision

www.bassonthebroadband.com is also here to support the international bass playing community. Our radio station broadcast is Internet based our audience and market outreach is global. In July of 2014 wave had radio station listeners and website visitors from over 130 countries, that’s more then half of the countries on planet Earth! From a bass playing community point of view we want relationships with all bass and music oriented chat rooms, social media, magazines and websites. We do not see anyone as competition as we are all one global bass playing community supporting each other’s passion for the instrument that we love.

Our global radio station broadcast features music where the bass instrument has a major voice in the music. We truly want to be able to help give bassists throughout the world an outlet to get their music and bass playing heard by an audience that truly understands and relates to the bass instrument. Another part of our vision at BOTBB is about providing a forum that connects the countless bass players, bass fans, and the music industry that manufactures products that support bass players. We offer several marketing platforms for manufacturers of bass related products and instruments.

From a manufacturer and advertiser point of view you can now reach a truly global audience and marketplace for your products and services in a way that could never be done before. For the first time in our industry you can now have your ads “heard” on the radio and not just seen on a website or magazine ad. The fact that we offer both radio commercial spots as well as website banner ads gives our advertisers a very unique “real time” opportunity to reach their potential customers globally by hearing as well as seeing their product ads. Another very cool thing about BOTBB is that for the first time bass players now have an opportunity to promote their own recordings, book’s, instructional videos and products directly to a global radio audience. We help provide the international bass community a place to turn for all things bass!

The average listening time per individual listener to our radio station is 4-7 hours per day. How many people look at a magazine ad or a webpage for that many hours at a time? Compare that to how many people put on a radio station that they like and listen to it for hours throughout the day. Think about how many times your radio commercial would be heard over a 12 week marketing program with average listening hours per day like that! Traditional print media or website advertising cannot possibly compare in potential exposure for your products like the power of a global 24/7 radio broadcast in combination with our radio station player and website banner ads. Our vision was not only to play the music of bass players, but to support the entire bass and bass product side of the music industry. Between the 24/7 global radio broadcast and our evolving website, not only can your potential global customers see your product ads, but now they can actually HEAR them on the radio, only at www.bassonthebroadband.com!

We invite you to click on our player and listen to our broadcast. You might be surprised at the amount of talent and musicality our international bass community has to offer. I listen to the broadcast everyday and I am continually amazed by what I hear as I’m sure you will be as well!

We are www.bassonthebroadband.com, the world’s first bass station!

Brian Bromberg